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Extending the chemistry of life by synthesizing products that move the needle for addressing mankind's healthcare challenges.

Organic chemistry has found application in the production of molecules at commercial scales and in the construction of newer pharmacological active therapeutic agents derived from rational drug design into synthesizing complex natural molecules that render this chemical science more efficient

To develop the most important branches of organic chemistry the R&D team of FDC works closely on the development of API Synthesis. Equipped with all the state of the art facilities and the capability of performing cryogenic and hydrogenic reactions is led by highly qualified and experienced scientists. QC and RA teams support the API Synthesis team for regulatory filings.

The scientists in the API Synthesis team are capable of developing novel polymorphs and positive resolutions of racemic mixtures into pure enantiomeric forms. The API Synthesis laboratories are equipped with LC-MS, HPLCs, UPLC, GCs, IR, Polarimeter, Stability chamber, Vacuum drier, Lyophilizer and Chiral preparatory HPLC. The API Synthesis team is constantly collaborating and is open to engagements with premium institutions for the development of innovative chemicals that will further propel healthcare towards new realms.