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Our pursuit of delivering high-quality products for humanity.

The R&D team possess a wide range of expertise in formulation development. Our process of building SOPs is an iterative and continuous one. By employing these SOPs, we monitor and assess the development process holistically while our innovations in process development help create the highest quality formulations, consistently. We focus on having the best products employing the best process to manufacture them, consistent with pharmacopeial compliance and regulatory standards.

Scientific acumen and a deep understanding of formulation and analytics enable us to pursue our vision of accessible, impactful healthcare in India and the world. FDC holds several ANDAs and EU approved MAs on account of the relentless development efforts of our formulations team.

Dosage Forms

The common thread tying all functional departments together is the pursuit to leave an impactful legacy in our body of work. To ensure that we offer drugs across multiple therapeutic categories, we need to hold capabilities to deliver drugs through different mechanisms.

The multidisciplinary development of mechanisms includes a wide range of speciality and novel dosages like Nanoparticles Drug delivery, Ophthalmics Drug Delivery, Multi-Unit Particulate Systems, Modified Release Formulations, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Chiral Analysis. All the products in the multidisciplinary range are well-established and passed through end-to-end process validation.

MUPS Technology

The advantage of MUPS is that each pellet acts as a single unit system and thus vastly increases the therapeutic efficiency of the drug as compared to conventionally available tablets. Pellets act as individual systems which give added advantage over tablets by avoiding dose dumping which may occur in tablets if the controlled-release layer breaks inside the body.

As compared to tablets, pellets have increased surface area and thus deliver drugs steadily over time. We hold multiple products that have been developed and scaled up at manufacturing sites using specialized MUPS technology. Several SR Pellets + DR Pellets in capsules have been successfully transferred to sites.

Ophthalmics Nano Emulsion / Nano Suspensions

We are equipped with the technology to develop and manufacture ophthalmics nanoemulsions and suspensions. We have an ophthalmics nanoemulsion product that has been successfully launched in the Domestic market and have several more under development.

Therapeutic Categories

Our variety of dosage forms and drug delivery platforms


Immediate Release Tablets


Modified Release Tablets

Nanoparticle Drug Delivery

Ophthalmics Drug Delivery

Nasal Products

Otic Preparations

Topical Products